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Listen to this song while you look at my DeviantART page!! :D

10,000,000 Fireflies


Base-Colored Art
Let Me Sing to You by THE--FUZZZZ
Tuesday Tyson by THE--FUZZZZ
Pervy by THE--FUZZZZ
Jack x Sierra by THE--FUZZZZ
Have a base you like but don't want to color it yourself?
Come to me! Only 10 points!
Troll Me by THE--FUZZZZ
The Doorway of Art by THE--FUZZZZ
Sitting by THE--FUZZZZ
Pluto by THE--FUZZZZ
Caught by THE--FUZZZZ
I'll get better... Character drawing, digital or traditional, you name it. Background or not. Colored or not. Same price, but the character size differs from what you pick in the background.





I was tagged by the lovely :iconalicethequietrose:.

Tagged by: No one. I wanted to do this

1.Pick any of your OCs.
2. Have them be drunk as hell.
3. Answer the questions.
4. Tag.

1. Yo. What's your name?
Ha... Halo...? No... Harlow...
2. What are you drinking? Can I have some? :3
No! Thi-this is my drink! No... Not yours! I think it's... whisky...

3. Are you even legally allowed to drink at your age?

I am 22 I am age... overage...

4. Do you have any crushes on anyone?

Yes! *drunken grin*

5. What's their name?


6. I bet you can't tell me your deepest, darkest secret.

I coul...could if I wan...wanted.

7. You think you can? Prove it.

I... I live on... the street...s.... from hotel to hotel...

8. Do you realize what you've just said?

I... I said something..?

9. Your crush is trying to kiss you right now.

No they aren't...~

10. Just kidding~ <3

I know...~

11. Do you any mancrushes/girlcrushes?

Mercy... I love... youh...~

12. Who is Batman's secret identity?


13. Who do you think could be God?

Morgan... Freeman...

14. Who is Superman's secret identity?


15. What's your secret identity?


16. Are you getting hangover yet?


17. Need some medicine?

And some... water too?

18. Would you feel better if your crush cuddled you while you rested?

Yes... absolutely...

19. Feel better. It was fun talking to you~

You bitch... you're just leaving me...? Where's Mercy, where's Joel...?

20. Bye-Bye~

Fuck you...

I tag... lol no fuck you I'm not tagging anyone you piece of shit.
  • Mood: Hurt
  • Listening to: deadmau5
  • Drinking: Water and aspirin...
Sup, losers? So I'm back yey





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Parker Divine (Parkat)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Welcome to my page! I'm Parker! I'm a little derp who enjoys drawing, being a geek, and, being a Whovian, Hetalian, Homestucker, and an ARTIST! Every single typing face you see on my page is a face I make at least once every day, just to let you know.
:bulletred: I'm a girl. I enjoy stuffed animals, pink, putting people in dresses, and daydreaming.
:bulletorange: I AM a tomboy and a girly-girl at the same time!
:bulletyellow: I draw. Don't have anything nice to say about it? Then don't say anything!
:bulletgreen: Yeah, I use bases. Have a problem? Talk to the wall to your left about it. He'll listen.
:bulletblue: I like Homestuck, creepypasta, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Hetalia! You got a problem? Leave this page now and never come back.
:bulletpurple: I'm caring, kind, and a good friend or so I think.

My Sisters
:iconpdcbuscus: <-- She's like the sister I never had. We finish each other's-- sandwiches!
:iconfantasylover103: <-- This girl is like no other. She's an original chick who's imaginative and creative. Watch out, because she will force you into the dark side. Don't take the cookies! :nuu:
:iconalicethequietrose: <-- She's my wife. I swear on my life I'd marry this girl to be with her forever. She's so amazing in every way. Her characters crash with mine to make pairings, stories, and AMAZING roleplays. :heart: you, Sierra~

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My Cuddle, Cosplay, Singing, Drawing Buddy :heart: :iconalicethequietrose:


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~My name is Skrillmau5~
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A zombie, with a left leg shredded to pieced,hung limply with its torso caught in the roped-off ball box. It grunted a bit, shifting around with the balls.


It tore itself out, skinning off its shoulders to escape. It stumbled back, almost loosing its balance on the bad leg before regaining it.

The zombie turned slowly around to face the small child. Did he grin? Bright yellow pods in place of teeth shone from his gray-skinned mouth.

“HH….” It took a ginger step forward, and then pounced.

A zombie. Somehow they seemed a lot more frightening when they were alone instead of in hordes. In a horde, you barely had time to even look at them. But when they look at you in the eye like that… It can make you terribly afraid.

The kid quickly got out his trusty frying pan, but the zombie pounced at him and it fell out of reach.


The zombie, who must’ve been a full grown man, didn’t even flinch in his pursuit. He tackled the boy, pushing out with his chest. He raised up an arm to strike him. Besides the glowing boils, there was no decay on the arms.

“Grraaaghh!” It screamed.

You can barely hear it, it was so far away, but there was an echo from father down in the  building.

 ”Rrrrff? Grrf…”

"Shit kid, SERIOUSLY!?" Swag shouted, throwing down his armful of bug repellent (Cuz bugs fucking suck) and running in the direction of the sounds of struggle. He was too busy to hear the horde in the distance. 

When it came to fights, he wasn’t good at planning or strategy. He had one real skill and if he had to use it…he would.

He yanked the zombies shoulder to get it away from the younger boy, tried to raise his weapon and failed so instead he did the next best thing. He offered it his forearm, closing his eyes tight. 

It hurt. It always hurt. You never got used to that feeling. That sound. People thought he was a hero but really all he could do was scream, “FUCKING KILL IT. KILL IT KID IT FUCKING HURTS SHIT. SHIT FUCK DO IT IN GET IT’S HEAD DO IT” He cried out, stumbling backwards.

(A story from the greater of Swag-ler)

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